Above and beyond the call of duty.....from the moment I sat down with Mary to discuss my wedding flowers I knew everything was going to be perfect :-) Mary is extraordinarily creative and has an amazing eye for colour and detail and this shows in all of her flower arrangements. Flowers were really important to me for the wedding (I got free rein on this from my husband!). I didn't just want flowers in the background - I wanted the flowers to be part of the day itself and to make a statement!  When we met up for our initial consultation, Mary just asked me about the type of wedding we were having and whether I had any sort of theme in mind.  She also asked me about my wedding dress as certain flowers naturally compliment certain dresses! Mary wanted to know my personality and chose the flowers accordingly!   It was very important to me to have colour and given that my dress actually had colour in it, it was important that the flowers didn't clash. Mary looked at a photo of my dress and came back to me later with ideas/suggestions on the colours of the flowers that would suit and the type of flowers.  Oh at the initial consultation Mary also gave me various size bouquets to hold and got me to walk around with them - you mightn't think this is important but trust me, you do not want to have to carry a really heavy bouquet for a few hours on your wedding day!  Then my church decoration....I wanted candles, candles and more candles!   I had thought of wrought iron candle holders which Mary was more than happy to use, however she also showed me these magnificent candelabras carved out of wood - WOW!  I am a big Christmas person and love the magic of the lights at that time and Mary just created a magical atmosphere for me in the Church - honestly I have heard so many people rave about the church decor for our wedding and also rave about my flowers.  Do not hesitate getting Mary...I could go on and on recommending her, but just ring her and the minute you do that you will know that you are making the right choice using Mary! Thanks Mary - you really helped make our wedding day memorable!
Maureen & Rob Ryan, Dublin 13